Carbon Footprint

Burning wood and carbon footprint:

At Nino’s we take pride in ensuring what we do is for the greater good of society and the environment.

You hear a lot about carbon footprint these days, meaning how much carbon a given activity adds or subtracts from the atmosphere.

The effect of burning wood is close to neutral with regards to carbon.Ninos Dial-a-pizza Wood

As they grow, trees remove carbon from the atmosphere. That carbon is released into the atmosphere when we burn a log.

But trees are a renewable resource. The trees growing to replace the tree we burned will reclaim the carbon from the air.

Besides, we can’t avoid the carbon being released into the atmosphere. Even if the tree is left to grow old, die and rot in the forest, the carbon in it will be released as it decomposes.

Burning in a wood-fired oven is a rapid form of oxidation. Rotting on a forest floor is also oxidation, just slower.

Because oil and gas are used to harvest the wood, the carbon footprint isn’t entirely neutral, but it’s pretty small.

Our Suppliers are responsible for their wood lots and manage them for the long term. An actively managed forest can actually be a more vibrant and attractive ecosystem than one left alone.